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Help your remote team focus on the right things

Keep track on what everyone in your remote team is working on.

Remote work seems complicated ?

Here's what zenfocus will help you achieve :

Fewer meetings

Know exactly what other people in your team are working on without spending time in infinitely long Zoom calls or using a task management software. Automated daily/weekly standups is the zen way to focus.


Better company culture

Remote work should not mean interactions are only work-related. Zenfocus will help you have a great company culture and cohesion while working remotely. Celebrate birthdays, know better what your teammates like, ...


Centralized knownledge for distributed teams

Have you ever answered the same question many times? And could not find your previous answer in Slack? Zenfocus makes it easy to find answers to questions previsouly asked and rewards users for providing good answers. Think of it as a Stackoverflow for your company.


“We started working remotely in 2020, but doing weekly meetings became unsustainable when we grew over 10 people. Zenfocus is the perfect tool for remote teams.“

Leslie, CEO Rocket App


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